Multi-Media Technology

Face-to-face contact—with employees, customers or suppliers—is the most effective way to communicate whether to motivate, sell, negotiate, or collaborate. Human communication relies heavily on auditory and visual cues such as voice inflection, facial expression and body language. Arcane Technologies provides audio/video conferencing equipment and installation to give your business a cost-effective alternative to traveling for in-person meetings.

Businesses that want to compete in the growing global economy will gain competitive position by taking advantage of these new technologies. Video conferencing whether web-based through desktop or mobile devices, or through dedicated conference room A/V equipment improves communication and increases productivity. Employees spend more time working and collaborating and less time traveling. Audio and video conferencing tools also improve customer service by allowing you to be more immediately responsive to solve customer or supplier problems.

Arcane Technologies provides multi-media equipment and installation to fit any budget, including:

  • Video conferencing
  • Multi-party audio conferencing
  • Conference room A/V equipment
  • Presentation equipment
  • Projectors and Projection Screens
  • Web-based video collaboration
  • Paging systems
  • Commercial audio and speaker installations

Contact us today to find out how Arcane Technologies can help your business compete, collaborate, and communicate with multi-media technology.