IT Services

Information Technology (IT) has become essential to the profitable operation of most businesses today. Technology is great—it has led to innovation and productivity increases that we could have only dreamed about 40 years ago. But we have also become very dependant upon that technology for daily operations, and when it doesn’t work, business comes to a grinding halt. That’s why it is so important to have good IT computer support. Some companies develop their own IT department, hiring highly specialized IT personnel to provide tech support. But most small- to medium-sized companies can’t afford the overhead and operational costs of an internal IT department. A better alternative is to outsource to an IT solutions provider such as Arcane Technologies.

Arcane Technologies, Inc. provides IT and computer tech support services for small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations. Arcane offers a broad menu of IT services and support including:

  • hardware purchasing
  • computer repair
  • network design and installation
  • data backup and restore
  • network security
  • print management
  • cloud computing services

Some clients request services “a la carte” such as fixing a network after it has gone down, or having a network server installed. Other clients take advantage of the real power and capability of Arcane Technologies with a “Managed Services Contract” for a comprehensive IT support solution.