Residential / Home Automation


When you’re away from home, would you like an alert if someone enters your property? Starts a fire? Or if there is gas or water leak?

Wouldn’t it be comforting to confirm after you left for vacation that your garage door was closed? And if it wasn’t that you could close it from your computer or smart phone?

Would you like to control your home’s energy consumption to reduce costs? Or warm up your home and turn on the lights just before you arrive?

Would you enjoy entertaining friends and family with a movie-theater experience in the comfort of your home? Or start a movie in the den, but finish watching it in bed without interruption? How about being able to have your favorite music play in every room, or only particular rooms with just the touch of a button.

Arcane Technologies offers a broad range of Home Automation or “Smart Home” technologies to help you feel safe, save money, rest assured or entertain. We install Security and Surveillance Systems, Energy and Lighting Controls, Home Systems Monitoring, and Entertainment Systems. You can be confident that our licensed installers have the professional experience to do the job right and at a reasonable cost. Call us to find out how the home of the future can be yours today.


Whether you call it Smart Home, Home Automation and Home Monitoring these technologies have become a strong selling tool for new home construction and residential remodeling. Studies have shown that independent custom homebuilders gain competitive advantage by offering these technology installations. Arcane Technologies is your partner in providing the equipment, structured wiring and installation of these popular features. You can be confident that our professional licensed installers have the experience to get the job done right, in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Give us a call today to see how you can offer what used to be a luxury, but is now a standard feature of new homes.