Energy Conservation

Sustainability; going green; reducing your carbon footprint—whatever you want to call it, adding home automation systems can reduce your energy consumption, which saves you money. Oh, and it’s good for the planet, too.

Arcane Technologies can install a system that integrates lighting and climate controls, security systems, electronics and appliance controls into a single network that you control from a remote, a PC or your Smartphone. We use dependable industry leading brands to ensure client satisfaction with user-friendly, state-of-the-art systems that are built to last.

Energy Monitoring Systems - Where does it all go? Energy Monitoring Systems can de-mystify your energy consumption and save you money by adjusting your use of energy to suit your lifestyle.

Lighting Control — stop nagging the kids to turn off the lights—occupancy sensors will turn the lights off for you. Programmable lighting and shade controls save energy and increase your home security.

Appliance and Electronics Control — many of these devices still draw energy even when you turn them off. Our systems can eliminate this “ghost” energy consumption. Plus imagine the peace of mind knowing you can turn off the oven from any location. Or remotely program your DVR to capture the game you’re missing or your favorite program.

Climate Control — thermostat controls can ensure comfort when you’re home and save energy when you’re not. Heat pumps, air conditioning and water heaters are some of the largest users of energy in our homes whether gas, oil or electric. A climate control system practically pays for itself with energy savings.

Call Arcane Technologies today and find out how we can make it easy being green.