Whole House Media

Whole House Multi-Media installations from Arcane Technologies send audio and video signals into multiple rooms, all controlled from a single location. Only the speakers and TV screen are visible in each room, freeing up living space and aesthetics from the clutter of audio and video equipment.

Audio. One way to listen to your favorite music as you walk through your home is with an iPod and earbuds—but we have a better way. A whole home audio system from Arcane Technologies will let you enjoy music in every room. You can even program selected music for different rooms—your kids can listen to the latest hits, while you relax to something more nostalgic. It’s your choice, giving you control over the volume and selection in every room from a single remote control, on your PC or Smartphone.

Video. Whole House Media installations network together internet, cable or satellite signals to control your video entertainment from room to room. You can have the same program showing in every room for continuity, or you can have different programs in each room to meet the needs of each family member.

Arcane Technologies can provide:

  • Architectural speakers embedded into the walls or ceilings
  • Intercom systems to improve communication
  • Flat screen TV installed behind movable wall panels

We use trusted, name-brand equipment, installed by our licensed professionals to ensure your whole home audio and video system is easy to use and brings years of enjoyment.