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A culture of excellently integrating technology is infused into the mindset and motivation of every team member that calls Arcane Technologies, Inc. their work “home”.  We continually challenge ourselves to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape of technology by attending educational and training classes that provide industry-accepted certifications.  You can rest assured that when our team becomes part of your team, you get real people, with real experience and expertise, helping to solve abstract problems



ar·cane | är-ˈkān  
: known or knowable only to a few people : SECRET
When we started Arcane Technologies back in 2002, Jim and I felt like so many people in the technology industry intentionally over-complicated technological issues out of some weird sense of self-preservation or self-importance. Maybe it was our rural farm roots and ardent self-reliance, but we felt like those tactics not only gave practitioners in the IT industry a bad name, it kept users of technology intentionally in the dark and unable to make competent decisions on how to implement tech in their homes and businesses. Since day one, we’ve strived to provide un-complicated and honest advice, using the best-in-class products and solutions.

To that end, we like to take a “start with the desired outcome” approach to providing technology solutions. You will not find us recommending the latest and greatest tech just for the sake of selling the latest and greatest tech. Real people don’t generally care about Megahertz or Decibels or Megabits. Network clients care if their programs and apps respond quickly for their end users; Audiophiles care if the sound in their home theater envelops their whole body; Business owners and homeowners care that their systems and properties are secure.  Of course, our team is obsessed with knowing the zeros and ones, the types of connections, and the ins-and-outs of the components that make those outcomes possible.  We prefer, however, to create and deliver solutions that satisfy an intended human experience rather than persuading the purchase of parts and pieces that really don’t mean anything to the person actually using a given system.

Our Mission

To consistently deliver excellence in technology integration.

Information Technology

Paul Adkins

Director of Information Technology

Steven Dudley

Senior Systems & Cybersecurity Engineer

Bryan Counts

Systems Administrator

John Zerkle

Systems Administrator

Evan Mason

Systems Administrator

Technology Integration

Zac Woods

Lead Technology Systems Designer

Craig Dyner

Project Manager

Gabe Lester

Integration Service Manager

Mario Ott

Lead Systems Integrator

Robert Farish

Lead Integrator

Stephen Primeau

Lead Integrator

Eric Kitchen

Integration Technician

Juan Duron

Integration Technician

Lance Kitchen

Integration Technician

Ean Frank

Integration Technician


Jim Ragsdale

Owner / President

Jay Ragsdale

Owner / Vice President

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