Technology Integration Services

Whether a business owner, a homeowner, or a contractor, Arcane Technologies provides custom design and installation solutions of Audio/Video Systems, Lighting Control, Surveillance Cameras, Network and Low Voltage Infrastructure, Climate Control, Motorized Shades, Electronic Security and Access Control. We provide the technical knowledge, experience, and attention to detail, to make all these complex systems work together in simple and usable formats... helping to make your smart technology just a little bit smarter.

 Safety & Security

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Structured Cabling

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Lighting & Shading

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Electronic Safety & Security

Premise Security

The safety and security of your family, your business, your home, and your belongings are paramount and today’s technologies offer a wide range of options to offer you peace of mind. Once you allow us to join the conversation about your new construction or renovation project, we can help incorporate the type of intrusion prevention system that addresses key areas of concern and provides the level of self- or professional-monitoring services that best meets your needs.

Access Control

Maintain control over the physical access to and on your property with our customized solutions that can incorporate a variety of technology including keypads, RFID readers, biometric scanners, magnetic locks, and motion detection; all of which can be monitored and recorded.

Automated Gates

When it comes to protecting properties, most security experts would contend that design efforts start on the perimeter, and work inwards. Our newest integration technology offering involves the design and installation of remotely managed gate entry systems. We work with architects, carpenters, and metal fabricators to integrate the technological facets of a driveway entry design that controls two-way audio and video communications, remote control, and safety overrides. Nearby landscape lighting and video surveillance are often coupled with these projects to offer an aesthetically pleasant, but secure point of entry.

Video Surveillance

Very few security solutions have gained broader adoption and advancement over the last several years than video surveillance. The sheer number of options can be overwhelming and confusing. We have been installing IP-based video solutions for well over a decade and have partnered with leading manufacturers in the space that provide a wide range of indoor, outdoor, covert, and high definition options. Many of our camera installations involve sophisticated video analytic software that provides a highly configurable surveillance system that can also produce powerful business intelligence.

Structured Cabling

Wired Networks

The physical wiring of a property remains the foundational component for all the business and entertainment technology that we enjoy. Our team of experts can help you get wired connectivity where you need it most. We use high-quality cabling, centrally-managed networking equipment, and industry best practices to ensure that your wired networks provide reliable, uninterrupted service. 

Wi-Fi Networks

Having Wi-Fi connectivity problems or issues with speed? Contact us today to schedule a wireless survey. Our team can evaluate your home or business and propose a solution that provides adequate speed and coverage. We use high-quality wireless access points that work in conjunction with a centralized management platform, which provides a birds-eye view of the network, performing automated network scans to more easily spot problem areas, rogue devices, and poor coverage. 

Fiber Infrastructure

Fiber-optic networking utilizes strands of optical fibers that relay data signals in the form of light. This technology is capable of transmitting more data, over longer distances, faster than traditional cabling mediums like ethernet. If you need to provide high-speed network connectivity, over a long distance, our team can help get you connected.

Point-to-Point Wireless

In some situations, it can be extremely difficult or costly to install a cable where you need it. Similar to Wi-Fi, point-to-point wireless goes a step further by allowing you to bridge two or more locations together wirelessly over long distances. Need to extend your internet service to another building? Need a way to connect surveillance cameras on the perimeter of your property? We can help you find a cost-effective solution that works best in your unique situation.

Home Theater

Bring the authentic movie theater experience to your home. Whether you're having a relaxing night watching streaming services or enjoying a sporting event with your friends and family, a high-quality audio visual experience can make all the difference. We work with world-class A/V manufacturers and distributors to help you gain access to some of the best products on the market. Our team of certified experts can help you design and build the entertainment hub of your dreams. 

Outdoor Living Entertainment

Today's technology enables us to have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while also enjoying high-quality sound and video with equipment specifically designed for outdoor use.

Audio & Video Distribution

Wondering why you need an unsightly cable box or streaming media device everywhere you have a TV? The answer is you don't! We can help design and build systems where all your equipment can be centrally located and shared throughout your house.

Lighting & Shading

Lighting Controls

There's really nothing wrong with a light switch, but anyone who has ever had more advanced lighting control will tell you that it would be hard to go back. Aside from the lavish convenience of being able to turn lights on and off from wherever you happen to be, lighting control allows you to create "scenes" of light that enhance moods and make spaces more welcoming. We even work with lighting designers to help you create that perfect feel.

Automated Shades

Shade automation creates a more thoughtful approach to how you interact with natural light in your space. Customize scenes and control the light you let in with the touch of a button.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installation

Yes. We do solar installations too! We can help you offset your energy costs and decrease your carbon footprint with modern, efficient solar systems.

Energy Monitoring

The first step in reducing energy costs is identifying which devices are using the most power. Arcane Technologies offers whole-home energy monitoring systems that allow you to keep a close watch on your energy consumption and intelligently locate problem areas. 

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting can help enhance nighttime aesthetics and provide added safety and accessibility to the exterior of your home or business. We offer a wide variety of solutions from leading lighting manufacturers, which can be integrated into home automation ecosystems. 


Homes and businesses that utilize multiple electronic systems often benefit from automating them into a central platform that allows management through a “single pane of glass”. With a network of hardware, interfaces, and sensors that work in tandem to automatically control your devices and systems, you’ll have remote access and management and benefit from scheduled device operations. Custom programming can be fine-tuned to meet the demands of your lifestyle and daily routines.

Climate Control

Arcane Technologies will work with you to maximize the energy efficiency of your climate control systems, reduce costs, and increase the ease of management, enabling you to monitor and control your climate control system remotely through your smartphone or tablet. 

Central Vac

Whole-home vacuum systems? Yes. Perhaps the lowest “technology” we install, this system of pipes and cleaning units provides superior cleaning, centralized dust collection, self-cleaning HEPA allergen filtration, and significantly reduced sound levels.
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